Communicating with your baby

Some parents find talking to their baby quite difficult and can feel embarrassed. Don’t be! Your baby needs to hear your voice, they will learn how to start to talk and respond to others by copying you.

Eye contact

When your baby is in the ‘quiet alert’ state sit so you can see them face to face and allow them to begin to gaze at your face and make eye contact. It may be useful for them to be in a bouncer chair or seat; sit opposite them maybe on the sofa at a similar height.

First conversations

Gently say hello and your baby’s name and see if they respond. They may move their head to the side, smile if you are smiling or they may move their arms and their eyes may widen and concentrate on your face. These are all initial responses and ‘first conversations’.

Give your baby lots of time to respond to you watch each little change of position facial movement and noise they make.

Begin by telling your baby what you are doing a bit like saying out loud what you are thinking in your head. That way they will become used to the sound of your voice.

Tell them how beautiful they and what your plans are for the day.

Talk about others in your family, daddy and grandma or siblings. They will gradually get used to the names.

Try and imagine what your child may be thinking and ask them “Are you looking at mummy’s face? Are you looking at daddy’s hair? Are you wondering where your brother is? Are you feeling hungry?”

Watch to see if they copy your facial expression and follow what they are interested in.

Help and support

Hackney and the City have a speech and language service ‘Get Hackney Talking’ to help support your child’s language development. You can contact them directly or speak to your health visitor if you are unsure.