We have returned to face to face contacts

The Homerton Health Visiting Service is here to support you and your family in Hackney and the City during pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

The service is now offering face to face appointments to all our contacts and health reviews, but if required we can also see you and your baby or child via a virtual consultation.

We will be able to see you, your new baby or child and discuss with you any of your concerns. At the same time if you need to speak to a member of the health visiting team please contact us on this number: 0207 683 4151 or 0207 683 4219.

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Flu immunisation for children

The Hackney and City Health Visiting Service recommends getting your child vaccinated for the seasonal flu this year. Vaccinating children against the flu not only protects children but stops the flu from spreading in the community. There is emerging evidence that those who get the flu and Covid-19 at the same time are more likely to be seriously ill.

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