Becoming a parent

Making the transition from your pregnancy towards becoming a parent spans the period from conception to the first 2-4 months of your infants life.

Pregnancy involves significant physical and emotional changes for you and your partner and it has been identified as a time of potential stress particularly in your relationship.

Following the birth of your baby, the change of roles, lack of sleep, low confidence and increased feelings of responsibility can all add to what is seen as a wonderful happy time and start feeling difficult and stressful.

How we helped

The visit was very informative and not rushed at all. We appreciated the time you took to go through things in detail. You seem to enjoy what you do rather than carrying out a tick box exercise. You came across very genuine. Thank you!

Feedback from a father and mother following a home visit a few days after the birth of their new baby

Take care of yourself

Nurturing yourself and looking after your own needs is important for you and your partner. Taking time to listen to each other’s experience of becoming a parent is important.

Take time to notice your feelings. If you feel low, talk with a professional or counsellor.

If your baby is under one year Talk Changes therapy services in City and Hackney will see you as a priority.

Relate are an organisation that can give you help and support if you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship.

Parenting Top Tips

The Institute of Health Visiting is a UK Centre of Excellence supporting the development of universally high-quality health visiting practice.

They provide information for both health visitors and parents and have developed Top Tips for parents on many subjects concerning the health and wellbeing of you, your child, and your family.

The Hackney Learning Trust has created the “Our Journey Birth to 5 Years” resource to support your journey into parenting.